New Energy label

What is the New Energy label about?

AEG is embracing the European Commission´s new rules and visual identity of energy efficiency labels for the below product groups.

1. dishwashers;
2. washing machines and washer-dryers;
3. refrigerators, including wine storage fridges;

These new labels will be visible for European consumers in physical stores and online as of March 1st 2021. You can see more information here. 

Why have I received two labels in my appliance?

From March 2020, new Electrolux appliances will feature two labels - one to outline current classifications and a second showing an A - G efficiency range, coming into effect 2021. Therefore it is possible that you receive an appliance at home with to energy labels. 

Why the move towards a single 'A to G' energy label

Since 1995, the EU energy label has proven to be a success: 85% of European consumers recognise and use it when purchasing. Although initially most of the models were in the lowest classes (i.e. E, F, G), new models deserved higher until the situation where today most are now in the top classes (A+++, A++, A+) and no product is now in the lowest classes. However, such a possitive result now makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish the best performing products. 

The rescaling will improve understanding and coherence, thus facilitating consumers to correctly indentify the most efficient products.